Introducing the Tarun Balani NYC Collective

The music of the NYC Collective represents Tarun’s vision as a composer, drawing from a world of influences, finding its expression in the modern jazz idiom. The NYC Collective comprising of Tarun Balani, Tiziano Bianchi, Joshua Crumbly, Sharik Hasan and Alex Pinto recently recorded their latest album, “Dharma” in Brooklyn, New York, set to release in early 2016. Tarun Balani Collective’s previous records include Sacred World and Live at Teatro Bismantova, Italy with Italian trumpeter, Tiziano Bianchi.
The Collective for 2015 will feature:

TBC NYC 2015 Press kit copy

Drummer & composer, Tarun Balani is set out to launch his new group The Next Collective, with their latest song ‘If Only’, a collaboration with well-known vocalists Vasundhara Vee (Adil & Vasundhara) and Chayan Adhikari (Advaita). This new group is an extension of Balani’s previous group and features co-written material, songs and lyrics with artists from India and across the globe.
For this latest song, a love duet, Balani has collaborated and joined forces as songwriters with Vasundhara and Chayan, friendships that go a very long way back to the early 2000s when they played together with Artist Unlimited and Advaita. ‘If Only’ was released on 17th July 2014, on OK Listen Media and currently is being aired on Vh1 India.

tarunifonlyfinal copy(1)


Watch the video

Download it here

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